Larry Kangas Painting

​​The "20 Plus Club" was started in the early 90's by CMsgt Pete Kost, CMsgt Marv Erickson and CMsgt George Limoges, Flight Engineers from the 313th MAS and 97th MAS, as a way to stay in touch with other retirees, hence the name 20 Plus Club. The requirements for joining the 20 Plus Club have been from the beginning to be a "Retiree" from the 446th with 20 years of service. On April 5th 2014 the Club voted to include any current or former member of the 446th AW, dropping the requirement of 20 years of service. This change was made to include members of the 446th family that had less than 20 years, that we worked with, flew with, and deployed with. Not to mention partied with! It is after all a social club. 

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Larry Kangas Painting

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20 Plus Club 

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